Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Project Procrastinators: UNITE!
Melissa at The Inspired Room is hosting this Project Procrastinators: UNITE! party. I'm glad for the push it gave me. I have soooo many un-done paint projects - and some of them are desperate cases, let me tell you!

I am posting pictures of my two outdoor benches. They are the smallest of the desperate cases. (Yes, I know. My whole front porch is one big desperate case. It just can't get any more ugly or depressing than this. But if you will come back for the conclusion of this party on May 14, I promise the whole front porch will look a whoooole lot better!) I seriously considered posting pictures of my bathroom, which is currently painted in a lovely shade of Kilz-primer-over-70's-blue-floral-striped-wallpaper. Or my laundry room, which is a shade of builder-white-with-absolutely-no-charm---waiting-for-its-spring-green-makeover. Or my son's room, which is an equally boring shade of builder's-choice.

But - confession time, here - I was afraid that if I posted a whole-room project, that I would be the pathetic one at the conclusion of this project party that had absolutely nothing to show. Now -- if I do have an uncharacteristic burst of painting energy and paint one of those rooms, I will most definitely show it to you!

But, to play it safe, I have decided to go with my two outdoor benches. Surely, surely, in two weeks time, I can muster up enough time and energy to spray paint two ugly benches.

This one is on the back deck. To see more "before" pictures of other blogger's painting projects, go to The Inspired Room. Then come back on May 14 for the "after" pictures!


My 100th Post

Thank you all so much for making blogging so much fun! I appreciate every single person who ever reads my blog. And I love getting your comments! And I love reading YOUR blogs and getting so many wonderful ideas and great inspiration from you!

So - going with blogging custom - here is my 100th post give-away - some silver trappings from my home to yours, along with a few other things that caught my eye.

a vintage silver bowl, a couple of blue and cream luggage tags, another little vintage silver bowl, a blingy frame (because I love anything sparkly),

a fleur de lis (you can leave it on the black cord and wear it as a necklace, or take it off and add it to a tassel or tie it to a lamp or hang it from a drawer knob with a pretty ribbon, or whatever else you can think of),
a vintage silver necklace with blue beads,
and a jar full of vintage beads, baubles and trims for your crafting needs.

Ok - time to leave your comment! I will draw a name tomorrow night.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flea Market Friends in Need of a Makeover

Ok, these flea market finds are in OBVIOUS need of a makeover! (Oh, are you laughing at me for buying these?!? Just wait! They have potential!)

I am planning on painting over all of the orangy color with black. And his instrument will probably be a dark brown. The tree obviously needs help, too. But I might leave him as-is.

These two ladies need a makeover, too. I thought about painting them a solid creamy color. Or solid black. Just to have the effect of a silhouette.
What do you think? What would you do with these pieces? I'd love to hear your ideas.

(Tomorrow I am posting my 100th post! I will show you the collection of items you can win in my give-away. Remember - every comment between now and my drawing gives you another chance to win.)


Monday, April 20, 2009

Flea Market Finds

This weekend I went to a few estate sales and a flea market. I only came away with a few things. I found these old pocket watch parts. I am going to use these to make something. I don't know what yet. I've seen a few pictures of ways creative people have used old watch parts. Of course, I can't remember any of them right now. Hopefully, some creative idea will emerge from the fog in my brain. Got any great ideas?

I love the look of old creamware and silver together. I already collect old silver and silverplate, but I had never bought any old creamware before this weekend. I found a couple of pieces to get me started. I'm sure my husband will just be thrilled when he begins to realize that a new collection has taken root in our house.

And I just liked the brown transferware plate. The little ceramic lady is something I can add to my "collection of heads and bodies" that my kids are so fond of.

I can't believe I have let a week go by without posting. I've just been so busy.
This is my 98th post. Remember, every comment you leave between now and 100 will give you another chance at winning my GIVE-AWAY. I'm still collecting things to add to it! I will show you everything in my 100th post.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Centerpiece

These eggs are paper mache eggs from Hobby Lobby. I decoupaged them with some old book pages, old music pages and some scrapbook paper. They are nestled among some Hobby Lobby carnations in a silver bowl, and I set the bowl on a gold charger (also Hobby Lobby - of course!) Very simple, but I really like it.
I am going to include some of these eggs in my 100th-post give-away. This post is 97. So keep checking in! Every comment between now and then gives you another chance!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Give-Away Coming!

This is my 96th post, so you know what that means! Above is a little preview. More to come.

Every comment you leave between now and then gives you another chance!

Thanks for visiting and being a part of the friends I have that live in my computer!