Friday, June 26, 2009

Got a Few Old Clock Faces?

photo: BH&G
Hang them from various lengths of chain for some very unique wall art. You could also use long vintage necklaces or strings of fake pearls! You can get old costume jewelry cheap at Goodwill, I mean Bonne Volonte.

I love the way this looks. I am going to be on the prowl for some old junk clocks that I can tear apart!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Fun Photo Display

I found this picture on Better Homes and Gardens. They slid a small glass container inside a larger container - you can use cheap floral vases for this. I have seen containers similar to these at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. You might be able to find something at the Dollar Store!

Slide some of your favorite photos in between the two vases. You could use a little piece of scrapbook adhesive on the back of the photos to hold them in place.

Wouldn't this be cute on your craft table for your paint brushes, pens and pencils, or for your crafting tools?

This would make a great (and cheap!) gift, too!


Monday, June 08, 2009

200 Days Until Christmas!

Just thought you might want to know!

By the way, Christmas stuff is out in Hobby Lobby! Oh, yes, it is. And every day people are buying some. Oh, yes, they are.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Colony Hotel
in Kennebunkport, Maine
This incredible hotel was built in 1914. The atmosphere here is unbelievable. Have you ever seen the movie "Somewhere in Time" - you know the atmosphere that hotel had? The Colony Hotel has that same atmosphere! You can feel it the second you step onto the property! It just cannot be described!
Isn't it incredible?
Here is hubby sitting on one of the porches.
And here was another fun moment in Kennebunkport. President George Bush (the dad) has a summer home here. Actually, he has a peninsula. This whole little peninsula is gated off. There are three houses for secret service, and one long ranch-type house, and then this huge house is where the Bushes live. Very pretty!!
Right as we pulled up to look at it, President Bush came down to the water to get in his boat. The black boat is the secret service boat that went with him.
He is the one in this next boat with the baseball cap on. That was really fun to see him! We drove up at just the right time!
I will show you the things I bought next. Some new items and some items from a flea market we found. I had to control myself, though, because we were flying home, and only had one suitcase to check. Oh, how I was wishing for my Suburban!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kennebunkport, Maine
The town of Kennebunkport is beautiful! The houses are huge! And the architecture there is so pretty. I could just move right in to almost any house there.

See what I mean? Beautiful!
Come back tomorrow and I will show you the best seaside inn - huge, historical, right on the coast, gorgeous!

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Coast of Maine
My hubby and I went to Maine last week. We had never been in that part of the country before. The above picture is the house in Portland that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow grew up in. He wrote a lot of wonderful poetry - my favorite is "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."Our first morning there we went out on a tour boat and saw a lot of adorable little coastal communities, and quite a few lighthouses. It was well-worth the time to go out on that boat because we saw places we would not have been able to see otherwise. Beautiful architecture up there!
Below is Portland Head Light.
After a day in Portland, we spent the next two days in Kennebunkport. It is an incredibly beautiful little coastal town.
I will post a few pictures of Kennebunkport tomorrow. If you are ever going to go to Maine, Kennebunkport is the place to go!!