Saturday, June 28, 2008

My New Camera!!!

On Friday I told my husband that I thought I wanted a digital camera for Christmas. He asked me what features I wanted. And he described one that Sam's Club had that was affordable. When I got home from work today, this camera was sitting in my chair. He is always so quick to respond to anything that he knows I want!
I have been playing around with it tonight, and these are a few pictures I took around the house. Can you tell what my kids do with their spare time??
Fun, Fun, Fun!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Estate Sale Finds

Yesterday my daughter and I stopped at two estate sales. I found a new necklace for my girl. She lives on my studio table. And I found these two beautiful pairs of earrings. I just love them!
I also found this metal stand for $8. I think it could be used to hold music. Or maybe some of my decorating magazines. One of my daughters is a classical piano major in college, so I am somewhat drawn to music-related items.

Our estate sale stops were worth it!
I really like the way my little bulletin boards turned out. I finally finished and hung all four. I bought these frames at Hobby Lobby and took the glass out, added 12 x 12 scrapbook paper, pre-cut 12 x 12 cork board, put the backing back on, and had a quick, wonderful bulletin board. The frames are the perfect size for the paper and cork board. I may periodically change the photos or the embellishments. They look just the way I had hoped!
I also added this little cast iron soap dish to my desk and filled it with some vintage jewelry. I love the look of this. I wish I had a better digital camera. The one I am using does NOT take good close up pictures at all!!!! That may be on my Christmas wish list! By the way, Christmas is only 180 days away!!!!

I think I may try to make a trip to a couple of thrift stores today and look for more vintage jewelry.
Have a great Friday!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I am in the process of re-decorating my scrapbook room / school room (we homeschool) / office. It has been the ugliest room in my house until now. I am trying to build up my ebay business so that it can become a part-time income for me so that I can quit my part-time job. So I want to use this room for my ebay "creating," scrapbooking, and for our homeschooling. Since it serves several purposes I think I may call it my "studio." Anyway, all that to say, I am re-decorating this room. And I thought I would show you some pictures of the progress.

My husband built three very tall bookshelves that I am painting creamy white. They will be side by side along one wall. And after they are in place my husband is going to nail trim on the fronts where they meet to cover the edges, and crown molding along the top - so when they are done it will look like a built-in wall of bookshelves. Between our school books, and all the other books we have had in this room, they will be pretty full. (We love books at our house - all three kids have bookshelves in their rooms that are full or overflowing; Greg and I have two bookshelves in our room; there are bookshelves in our den upstairs, and our family room downstairs.) So here they are in their current condition.

This is some of the molding.
This is a little pine table that I am also painting a creamy white. My scrapbooking Cricut is going to live on this table in my studio.
These pictures are a wall that is in progress. This window has some vintage jewelry and other things hanging on it - it will eventually have more pretties on it - and it may change periodically as I find new things that I want to hang. This will kind of be my bulletin board.

My sister gave me this wonderful candle holder for my birthday this year. It is one of my favorite things I have! It looks so pretty hanging by this old window.

I made these two little bulletin boards. And I made the thumb tacks by gluing old jewelry onto thumb tacks. Eventually there will be four hanging in a row - one with pictures of me and my husband, and one for each of my kids - all decorated similar to these two - and I will add a photo or two on each one. I am pretty happy with them so far. After I get all four up and photos on them I will post more pictures.

This is the corner of my desk. I like the look of this corner - the rustic quality of the girl, and the silver and bling next to her. This is the look and feel that I want this whole room to have.I will add more pictures as I get more done in this room. For now, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

For the last couple of weeks I have been reading some of the most amazing blogs. Women who have created beautiful homes, and now are creating beautiful blogs to show us their homes. I created this blog about a year and a half ago. But I did not know anything about it, never figured out how to post a picture, I posted a few times, it was very boring. I gave up. But the beautiful blogs I have been visiting lately have inspired me to try again. And I actually figured out how to upload this picture of my basement family room all by myself -- I am so proud! I usually have to get my kids to help me with a new computer thing.

I want to get a different template for my blog, but at the moment all I know how to do is choose a pre-set template. I will have to investigate this very soon. If I am going to make this blog as beautiful and inspiring as the blogs I have been reading, I have a LOT of learning to do. So come back soon and see if I have figured out anything else! And have a great day!