Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pink Pumpkins and Silver Trappings
Well, I finally have time to further explain my last post. My blog has been called Treasures From Home. I named it that because my eBay store is called Treasures From Home. But then one day recently I thought of the name Silver Trappings. Because I love silver. Actually it has become an addiction. Or maybe a disease. It started one day in Goodwill. I saw a set of three silver pine cones. Silver Pine Cones! They were gorgeous. I snapped them up! They were only $1 each. And thus began my addiction.
So now every time I go into a thrift store, or to an estate sale or garage sale, or shop on eBay, I head straight to anything silver I spot.

Recently I decided that I wanted to open an Etsy store. Actually I had never even heard of Etsy until I started reading all of your blogs last spring. Etsy has such a friendly, fun atmosphere to it. I do still love eBay, and will continue to drop-ship the pewter and pewter-accented glassware that I have on eBay. But Etsy, with all of its hand-crafted and vintage stuff is so fun. And that will give me an outlet for some of my vintage finds and for some hand-crafted items that I make. And I am thinking that a lot of what I offer on Etsy will be silver, or at least have something silver on it. Or as a part of it. Or an accent on it. (Well, too many ideas swirling in my head - this all makes sense to me at least. And someday will be translated into my creations.)

Soooo. . . . that is where I came up with the name Silver Trappings. For my Etsy Store. I did actually open my Etsy store this month and have listed two items, but lots more is coming soon. I named it Silver Trappings. I like that name a whole lot more than Treasures From Home, so I decided to change my blog to Silver Trappings. Yes, I know that my blog address is different from my blog name, and my Etsy store name, and my eBay store name. It makes me crazy. I strive for some consistency in life. But now I am stuck with three names for my online life. And I don't see any way around it. My eBay store can't be changed. My Etsy store can't be changed. I changed my blog name. But I can't change it's address. Because then, you know, all the dozens and dozens of readers that I have won't be able to find me. So I am trying not to obsess about this inconsistency in my online life. Hey, it makes me look unique and diverse. Right? Right. So now, here, I am Silver Trappings.

So what does "Pink Pumpkins" have to do with all of that? Nothing, but here is an event in blogland that you need to know about! It starts this week on September 4. Go to Life at Rose Cottage to sign up. You can get there from the pink pumpkin below! Everyone go enter! I am, and I want to see some more ideas. (And, yes, my pumpkin does have silver on it!)


Thursday, August 28, 2008

My New Name

If you have been here before, you might notice that my blog name is now Silver Trappings - used to be Treasures From Home. My next post will explain that - just don't have time right now, but since I have already made that change I thought I would at least make mention of it. You know, for all those dozens of people that follow me regularly and wait with baited breath for my next post. :)


Monday, August 25, 2008


A New Business For You?

This morning I was reading The Stone Rabbit's blog. This weekend she had posted about her blogging space, and her kitties are a daily part of her blogging. They keep her company in her blogging space. It seemed so cozy - I could picture myself blogging with a kitty curled up in my lap, or a Yorkie curled up on my feet. It made me wish for a small, furry pet. I love dogs and cats. And most of my life I have had a dog or cat or both, maybe several at a time.

However, I am now at the point in life that I am tired of pet tragedies. We have had many pet tragedies over the years. We have had dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, pygmy goats, horses, chickens, fish, and an assortment of gerbils and hamsters. All have ended in a tragedy.

So now we are petless. Well, there is the gerbil and the hamster. But they are small. And they don't curl up in your lap. Yes, someday they will cause another pet tragedy. But it will be a small tragedy. Uhhh. . . .K. . . Maybe it won't be so small. I must digress here for a minute. We did have two gerbils. . . brothers. But they are old, and one was getting sicker and weaker every week. We kept expecting him to die. But he just kept on living. Well, finally one night my daughter said it could not go on. He was suffering too much, and she wanted me to take him the next morning to the vet to have him put to sleep so he would not suffer any more. So, being a good mother, the next morning I took him to the vet by myself. I felt sad, but did not anticipate losing it. I mean, this was a little gerbil. But as soon as I walked through their door, I started crying like a baby. They handed me some kleenex, gave me their "pity" smile, and took the box from me. I sat in the lobby crying like a baby the whole time. They FINALLY brought me the box (my daughter wanted to bury him in our backyard so I had to bring him home) and I mumbled "thank you" and bolted out the door. Now, I have to say, that was embarrassing. I mean, I am 46. This was a little gerbil. So I take back what I said earlier - these two little creatures that we have will someday bring about another (not-so-small) pet tragedy in our lives.

Back to my point. I am tired of pet tragedies and never want another pet!!!!! Except when I see some of your pets. Then, for a moment, I wish I had a furry creature that I could introduce to blogland. Soooo. . . here is my idea for the next cutting-edge business --- Rent-A-Pet! I do not want to run this business - I want to be on the receiving end of this business. I want to rent a pet for an hour or so a few days a week. He can curl up on my lap while I am blogging. He can lay at my feet while I am creating something for my Etsy store. He can take a Sunday afternoon nap with me. But then he can go back to your house until the next time. Then I will not have pet hair to clean up, pet accidents to deal with, or pet tragedies to live through.

So . . . . what do you think? Would you like to start your own business? I will be your first customer.

Until then, I like getting to know your pets. Some of them look so sweet, some of them are so funny, they are all entertaining.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Thrift Store Bling

Well, we finished our first week back at school. I am very happy because my son likes all of his books. Math is going great, and he really likes the Bible, history and science we are doing this year. Our co-op classes start the first week of September. So. . . a great start to our year (in spite of my last post!)

Late this afternoon when we were done with school I decided to run to the thrift store close to my house. And I went at just the right time! They had two big plastic boxes sitting by the register, full of old jewelry they had just gotten in. So I dug through it all, and found some great pieces. The picture above is just SOME of what I bought! Right time, right place!!! Yahoooo. This will all go in my stash of goodies to use for some future Etsy store items!


Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Being So Irresponsible
We homeschool. And today is our first day of school. I am off to a bad start. I slept late today - like, really, really late. Why? Because I was up till 1:30. Reading blogs. And then when I did get up, did I get ready quickly and collect books and my son and get started? No. I ran to the coffee pot and then to my computer. I have been anxiously awaiting today. Because the Nester posted her list of everyone that is participating in her Mistreatment Party. And I can't wait to go through this whole list and see everyone's ideas. Beause this is what all my windows look like. I do not have ANY treatments on ANY windows.
When we moved in - 2 years ago - all the windows had these wood blinds. I like them, but I do want to do something to soften them. I have not even tried, because I just thought it would be too expensive. But with the Nester's ideas, and now the list she has up of all of your ideas, I am hoping that sometime in the not-so-distant future I can mistreat my windows!
Oh, by the way, I have now gotten my son started on school for the day. He is the only one I have left to homeschool. My daughters are both already in college - one is a Sophomore, one is half way through her Junior Year. (How is that possible? Can I really be that old?)
Be sure to visit the Nester's blog and check out the list of mistreatments!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Add A Little Elegance
It is so fun and easy to add a little elegance to your day. I just added this little tray to my ebay store. Taking pictures of it, and thinking about the possible uses for a little silver tray, I realized that we can add a touch of elegance to any room of our house.
And a little silver always makes me smile.As, of course, does chocolate!!


Friday, August 01, 2008

My Latest Favorite Yard Sale Finds

I stopped at a yard sale in my neighborhood this week and bought these four items - get this - for $1 each!!!!

I have been on the lookout for some silver tiered trays like these two. I certainly expected to pay more than $1. The one above is in my bathroom right now, and I do love it there. But it might not always live there. At Christmas it will probably be in my sitting room full of beautiful glass Christmas ornaments, and have feathers and some glittery Christmas picks in the vase at the top!

The one below will probably live right where it is, holding these little jewelry boxes and perfume bottles. (By the way, it is not leaning - maybe I was when I took the photo?!)

I don't know where this little tray will live, but I liked it, especially for $1.
This little copper purse is hanging in my studio. I think I like it where it is. I have a lot going on for the next few days, so it may be midweek before I am able to post again. So come back then. Have a great weekend!