Monday, October 30, 2006

Today we are going to decide on a centerpiece for you dining table for Thanksgiving. Even if you are not hosting a big Thanksgiving meal at your house, sitting down to dinner during the month of November with your family is also special. And you will love having a pretty centerpiece for your table.

There are so many choices. You could put a few large pillar candles on a plate, and add a few fall picks from the craft store - picks with leaves, berries, fruit, etc.

Or you could try your hand at making a silk floral centerpiece. Don't be afraid to try this. My first attempt actually turned out very well, and I was very pleased with it. Just go to your local craft store, select an inexpensive bowl or vase, then fill it with silk flowers and a few greenery stems until you are happy with the look. Also buy a foam block to put down in it (unless it is glass) - this will help keep your blooms steady. When you get home, all you will need is a wire cutter to cut your stems to the right lenth. Rearrange stems until you are happy with the look. This is really very fun to do! And you can do this, even if you have never tried it before!

You could also buy a medium size pumpkin, real or glass or "plastic" from the craft store, and surround it with fall leaf picks or candles. You could use white pumpkins and white candles for a dressed-up look.

Decide today what you want to do. And tomorrow we are going to the store to buy what we need!

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