Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Hate Going to the Dentist!

It's like a medieval torture chamber. First they gouge and mangle your gums with that sharp, metal, pointy scraper thingy. Then they polish your teeth AND your bleeding gums with that spinning thingy. Then they pop that floss up to your tender, raw gums.

Can they pop that floss up there any harder? This must be my punishment for not flossing at home. Apparently they do not want you to collect the floss they hand out. They want you to actually use it up.

Then they give you your report card. Apparently silver fillings that are decades old can cause some problems with your teeth. And apparently some people have teeth that are more prone to cracking and fracturing than other people. And when this happens you might need a crown on one tooth. And on another tooth you might need the old silver filling out and a new filling put in to replace the old silver one and to cover up the crack in said tooth.

Oh, gee, thanks. That is what I wanted to hear today. Just shoot me.



Anonymous said...

O I feel for you!! My dentist called me today- I had impressions done for a splint as I grind my teeth terrible- I guess one of the impressions is not a good one so I have to make the 50 mile trip back for another take!!

I am thankful that at least I still have mine intact and don't have to take them out each night before bed!!!


Jayne said...

O, don't you feel special! I just broke a tooth which surrounded a silver filling and got to spend $1500 as a result!
Merry Christmas to you and your dentist!

Jen r. said...

I have to go too and I keep putting it off!!!! :)