Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Feather Wreaths

This week at Red Writing's is all about wreaths and door decor. So I am going with my feather wreaths. This little red feather wreath lives on my mantel most of the year. And at Christmas I add this great stem to it to dress it up. I start with a little feather wreath. . .

Add one great stem. This one has a little greenery and a velvet and glitter chocolate poinsettia.
I also use one long silver glittery fern leaf.
I just curve the stem and glittery leaf and let them hang in front of the little red feather wreath. Here she is all dressed up for Christmas . . .I absolutely love feather wreaths. But they are really expensive! When I was doing my fall mantel I wanted a chocolate feather wreath, but didn't want to spend $40-$50 for one. So I made one with a feather boa. It really turned out great.
I used one of these wire wreath forms and a chocolate feather boa from Hobby Lobby.
I just cut lengths of wire and wired the feather boa to the wreath frame - put a wire about every 2" to 3" so that it stays in a nice full circle shape.

I wired all the way around the outside wire of the wreath frame, then wired all the way around the inside-middle of the wreath frame.
One feather boa was the perfect length to go around twice on the 12" wreath frame from Hobby Lobby. The frame was $1.99. The feather boa was $6.99 (I think) - and you can use a 40% off coupon on the feathers.
This only took me about 30 minutes and about $6. And it looks really good. I'm going to make a black one next.
For more great Christmas wreaths and door decor, click below to go to Red Writing's.



Jayne said...

I love your feather's! That dressed up red one is stunning! And, thanks for the tutorial on making one from a boa! Who knew you could do such a thing and have it turn out looking like a $40 wreath?
Christmas blessings,

Jenny said...

Beautiful wreaths. What a clever idea to use a boa. I tried voting for your daughter but I couldn't find the poll. Her room was so cool. And what a neat table.

laterg8r said...

totally love the feather boa idea,gorgeous and frugal too :D

Ramsey Revell said...

Love this!!! I love feathers and anything brown! I'm posting this on my blog if you don't mind. Happy Thanksgiving!

trash talk said...

Two words this time...Yum ME!
Did you get your foo foo stuff at HL? I love it all!

Ramsey Revell said...

You are welcome! Your wreath just reminds me of chocolate. want to eat it up! Just wanted to let you know that the closet crafter is having a Christmas card/gift tag giveaway open until Friday!!! Leave a comment to enter.

Sweet Designs said...

Your feather wreaths came out great. I love the tutorial on the boa wreath, I am wanting to do a brown wreath for the full size Santa I found at Burlington, thanks for the tip! :)

Sea Witch said...

Love the feather sprays. So festive and elegant. Now, I know you fondness for silver, so please stop by my blog and check out the table full of silver I have in my booth for the holidays. I thought of you as I worked ths display. Sea Witch

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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