Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Blog,

I know it seems like I have abandoned you. But I really haven't. I don't know what happened. I come and see you every now and then. And wonder WHY your Christmas countdown has black flashing lines in the middle of it. And I read a past post here and there. And then I go read a few of your blog friends' recent posts. And I wonder why I am not blogging right now. But I never could come up with a reason why.

But lately I have really missed you. So I am back now. And I have some plans. First up will be about moving. Not you. You are not moving. I am moving. And I think I need a place to chronicle this activity. Not like it is all that unusual. We move every 4 years. But now that I have you, dear blog, I can chronicle this move with you.

Hopefully, you are kind of like "man's best friend." You know, unconditional love. We can pick back up right where we left off. Well, not right where. Because that was when I was starting my Over 40 Comeback. Yeah, I did more than I wrote about. And I am glad about it all. But I am not really in the mood for continuing that topic here. Because now I am up to my elbows in sorting, tossing, painting. Sweating. Yes. I know. Sweating is against my religion. But it is 105, or maybe 140, outside. Well, yes, I am working inside. But knowing it is that hot outside just makes me sweat. And sorting and tossing and rearranging all the closets in my house just makes me sweat more. Just look at the mess I have made today in my studio! Sad, isn't it?
Anyway, I'm glad to be having this talk. Now we can move forward...



trash talk said...

Good to hear your "voice". I thought maybe you and Francesca had got lost in the Bonne Volente!
P.S. Down here in Texas we don't sweat...we glow!

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Ah, well, I would rather glow than sweat, that's for sure! But I think I would still be too hot while glowing! And, well, yes, we do sometimes get lost in Bonne Volonte!

Jayne said...

It is good to have you back in blogland making me laugh! I'm gonna start "glowing" since Debbie said that's what we do here in Texas!
Great Blog, Shannon!

Anonymous said...

I live in Texas and I'm gonna start "glowing" now that I know to!
Wonderful blogs tonight, Shannon!
I can't seem to post on my Google account - have tried several times.
Love the pics of your studio! My, my!