Thursday, February 10, 2011

One of My Lists

I run through most of these emotions on any given day lately....

Maybe I should draw my emotions on my sticky notes. Would that help my stress level??? We close on our house in 2 1/2 weeks. I have 2 weeks to finish the repairs. :/

We are moving into some short-term housing. All of our stuff is going into non-temporary storage until we know where we're going.

So, one of my lists is what to take with us that we might need in the next few/several months. We only have room to take the ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS. So far here is what I've got....

4 extension cords (Because then each one of us will have one. I don't want to have to share my extension cord with anyone.)

some of my jewelry making stuff (because I need that!)

only the necessary clothes and shoes
ALL computers (NEED)
2 small tv's and their CABLES
DVD player and its CABLES

oh, and the xbox and its STUFF and its CABLES (because my son might die without it)

a few books (we neeeeed books)

school books

wireless router (NEED)

Mrs. Meyers cleaners (need the pretty labels in my kitchen)

oh, make-up and shampoo, obviously
food from the fridge and pantry (because my kids will think that they need to eat every day)

my daughter's caged creatures (because I don't think they can go into permanent storage)

sticky notes (because I can't get through a single hour without using at least one)

I want so badly to write MAGAZINES on my list. Serious addiction to home decor and craft magazines. I might break out in hives if I don't have a tall stack of magazines to look at! I think that falls in the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY category, doesn't it???

Am I forgetting anything essential???


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Jayne said...

I love this list and the post-it notes! I know you have survived it all!