Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Indie Business 3.0

This class is SO FUN AND INSPIRING!!!  I'm soooo glad I registered for it!  Some of the class assignments are fun projects like this notebook.  And then other classes are brainstorming and filling out the worksheets in our notebooks.  As we work on different projects and assignments, I have this wonderful notebook to collect all my information in one place.  Inside the front cover I made a pocket for holding info that I'm not quite ready to transfer onto my worksheets.
To make the dividers, I traced the outline of a regular office supply divider onto chipboard so that I would have my spacing right.  I cut out five dividers.  Then I just decorated them with scrapbook papers and some little metal embellishments.  I had to get the metal in there, because most of what I create is either from metal, or has some metal on it somewhere.  Silver, obviously, draws me like a magnet.  But I also LOVE the look of mixed metals, whether it be in the jewelry I make, or the servingware on my dinner table.
One of the sessions we have been working on is Constructing Your Style.  I had so much fun with this.  It truly did help me to refine some of the things I already knew about myself.  Ok, I said fun.  Finding the pictures to represent my style was fun.  HOWEVER, creating a digital collage - that was less than fun.  I used several different free sites online trying to create a collage that I could print out for my notebook and upload to my Flickr.  I spent HOURS.  I finally got this collage done on Smilebox, and was able to print it out for my notebook.  But could I upload it straight to Flickr?  No - not unless I wanted it to be sideways!  So I finally took a picture with my camera and got it onto Flickr that way.  I really hate being technologically STU.PID. 
But now that I have fiiiiiinally succeeded in making one collage, I may make another one with some more pictures for my style.  Because I wish I had included some clothing on this page.  I would like to spread this style across the board in my life - my house, my clothes, my blog, my website, my jewelry.

It's a fun process to refine your style!  I have also found a book at the library called Style Statement, by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte.  I've read about a third of it so far.  It seems to fit right in with this Indie 3.0 class!

I'll put up more pictures about the class projects soon.


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virginiamae said...

Fun binder! I'm really enjoying the class as well. I just have ripped up magazines and pinterest folders, so you're way ahead of me by getting them so beautifully together!