Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Centerpiece

I am not real big on decorating with bunnies and eggs for spring and Easter. Mainly because it just doesn't really go with my decor.

But I really like these two egg centerpieces that I found on the Better Homes and Gardens website. I love the compote above. So simple. Lettuce or cabbage leaves, and white and brown eggs. Wouldn't that be pretty on the breakfast table? Or how about for your Easter lunch?

And the centerpiece below could be done with whatever color combination would work with your kitchen or dining room. What about white carnations and brown eggs? Green carnations and white eggs? White carnations and blue eggs? Pink carnations and different colors of pastel eggs? The possibilities are endless.

Both of these centerpieces could be done with real, hard-boiled eggs. But if you don't want to be constantly popping your centerpiece into the fridge for a cool-down, go to Hobby Lobby. In the craft section you can buy brown and white bisque eggs. They really do look real. Leave them in their natural colors, or paint with watercolors to get that look of dyed Easter eggs.

While you are in Hobby Lobby, grab some carnations in your color preference. Voila. Maintenance-free materials for your spring centerpiece.

I think I will shop while I am at work tomorrow!



Jodie LeJeune said...

Okay Shannon, ANY reason to go to Hobby Lobby is fine with me! haha
The centerpieces are great!
Hope you survived the blizzard, your fireplace looked SO inviting!!!
everything vintage

Jayne said...

What a splendid idea - using eggs and flowers together! And yesterday I saw a neat flower/vase idea. They had filled a round short vase with the smallest size of real carrots and water and the flowers in the vase were orange baby carnations. It was really pretty.