Friday, August 07, 2009

Christmas Decorations for Your Outdoor Lights

What??? You think it's too early for this???
No, No, No!!! See my sidebar? It's only 140 DAYS until Christmas! Do you know how fast that is gonna be here?!?!?!

I know this is not a good picture, but I took this on my cell phone at the Dallas Gift Market. It's the best my cell phone can do, lemme tell ya.

But isn't this cute? I have really ugly sconces on the front of my house, but I think if I spray paint them black and decorate them like this they will look great at Christmas. All they used here is a couple of silk hydrangeas, a silk rose, a couple of stems of silk eucalyptus leaves, a few stems of Christmas greenery going up, and a very simple thin Christmas garland hanging down. That long leather strip with bells on it was trailing along that wall to some other items. But you could get one of those short leather strips with bells on it that Hobby Lobby has every Christmas in the outdoor Christmas decor section, and just hang it from the floral arrangement. Or do something similar that you make, use a pretty Christmas ribbon, etc. Lots of options here. Just wire all this together, then wire it to your sconce.

This would not be expensive because it does not require that many pieces. Buy all the floral pieces at Hobby Lobby when they are half off. And use a 40% off coupon for any other items that you might want to add. Buy it now, during August, before you start in on a lot of other Christmas expenses. It is my plan to make a few purchases on every paycheck between now and Christmas so I can spread out the cost. A few gifts here and there, a few new decorations here and there. Then November and December won't be such a killer when it comes to expenses.

And we only have 140 days, people! Better get crackin'.


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Lorie said...

*gasp* I am so excited and scared that Christmas is THAT CLOSE!!!