Wednesday, August 26, 2009

O Christmas Tree by Mary Carol Garrity

Mary Carol Garrity's newest book is out - I pre-ordered a copy, and it came today! I have quickly flipped through the whole book, and it. is. DIVINE! Here are just a few pictures that I took of some of the pages that jumped out at me.

This is her front porch. Do you know how much I wish mine looked like this? And how much would you like to entertain your guests in a spot as beautiful as this? And serve your guests from this beautiful table. I love this arrangement using fruit, berries, pinecones and a little bit of greenery. It is so simple and so elegant. I am going to copy this for my dinner table!This garland of Christmas greenery is a simple way to bring some Christmas into your bedroom, and still have that restful, peaceful atmosphere that is so nice in a master suite. I am about to sit down with this book and a Vanilla Coke Zero and read every page and study every picture! I think I'm in heaven!

Quick note to my family: if you have any needs tonight, such as food or laundry or homework help, well, I'm sorry. My evening is fully committed. To this book. See ya tomorrow.

If you do not have your copy of this book yet, run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore! You NEED this book. Your life will not be complete without this book! Oh, no, it won't!



Alexandra said...

Haha, well I'm glad you're enjoying it. I will try to help myself tonight so that you can get the most out of your reading experience. ;) lol love you!

Jayne said...

I'm on my way to Border's! They had better have it in stock or you're in trouble! lol

Thanks for the info!

Jayne said...

OK. You cost me $70 today. I went to Border's and got the Mary Garrity - that's what I'll do tonight. It is gorgeous!!!
Then I bought a "Teach Yourself PhotoShop" that I've been wanting, so your post cost me a lot of money. But, I'm happy!

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Oh, sorry your bookstore trip was so expensive! You will like "O Christmas Tree" more than the photoshop book, I promise!

Jayne said...

Good job on your website button! I like your slogan!