Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Town Square

We are living in a wonderful little town in Texas with a charming little town square. It kinda has a Mayberry feel. The whole weekend of the 4th of July there will be celebrations in and around the square -- art shows, craft and food vendors, vegetable growing contests, musicals, a dance, a rodeo, a parade, outdoor concerts, and fireworks. The square is gearing up for the weekend. Here are a few pictures for you...
We have family coming out for the weekend. Gonna party all weekend!
Shopping and eating, here we come!
This building below is for sale. It's on one corner of the square. Every time I pass it, I wish so much I could buy it. I would love to have a store in the front corner and live in the rest of the building! How fun would that be?? Oh, how I wish. It's a far-cry from the colonial farmhouse we want to build out on a few acres. But those two choices would be equally as fun to me. Not sure I could sway my hubby on the thought of living on the town square and being one of the town square merchants, though...
I'm collecting ideas and recipes for the weekend. I'll be back soon to show you some of the cute ideas I've found for the 4th. People are so creative!

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