Monday, June 27, 2011

4th of July Ideas and Recipes

First of all, I wish I lived in the house above! How fun would it be to live there? And to host a 4th of July party there?? With streamers and lights in the back yard!
Right now we are in a little apartment, looking for a place to build a house...all of our stuff in my 4th of July party is not going to look like the above! But here are a few fun, easy ideas that I can manage...
How cute are these flowers and flags in a can!?
I'm not gonna paint my fingernails like this...I wish I could...but I would promptly ruin it. Maybe I can get my daughter to do this with all the little girls that will be here, though!
Here is a cute presentation...your silverware, napkin and glass all together.
I'm going to make this patriotic taco salad!
I don't eat hotdogs, but I'm going to make some sub sandwiches for one of our meals and tie them up with string and scrapbook paper! What a cute idea!
And this sparkling punch in one of those great glass beverage dispensers! Going to Garden Ridge for a couple of different dispensers next week.
A great fruit dessert!
And cheesecake in a jar! Well, I might do instant pudding in some of those clear plastic disposable cups. And I think I will make some blue jello topped with cool whip, and red jello topped with cool whip, both in clear plastic cups. A tray full of red, white and blue desserts that are kid-friendly!
If you go to my Pinterest here:, you can see some more ideas for the 4th of July. And each picture links to its source, so you can get the how-to and the recipes! Have fun planning your 4th!

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Mary Kate said...

All of these fourth of July ideas are sooo cute! I definitely want to do some of them next year! Thanks for posting it! I especially like the way the hot dogs are tied, and the idea of doing that with subs.