Monday, September 19, 2011

Moving Again

Well, we come to the next stop in this transition from being a military family to settling in to a permanent home.  No, not the final stop.  Just the next stop.

So far since my hubby retired, he lived in an apartment for several months in DC working a contract job.  We sold our house in KS and four of us moved into a tiny 2-bedroom apartment, where hubby then joined us.  Then we all five moved into another tiny 2-bedroom apartment in TX - this was a happy step in the process - it got us back to TX.  Now we have finally narrowed down a vast area of possibilities to the fact that we want to build north of the Dallas area. 

It would be nice to leave all our stuff in permanent storage till we build, but, alas, the military won't house our household goods for that long.  So we have now rented a house...a real the north Dallas area.  This will be a year-long stop (or so) while we look for a piece of land and build our final stop.  So only one more week to go in this apartment-hopping we have been doing.  My son will possibly be the happiest.  He has been sleeping in the dining room... I think he just might be looking forward to having a room of his own again...  And we will all be happy to get our stuff back.  Although, I will say this -- it's amazing what you realize you don't need when you only have the absolute BARE necessities for 7 months.

To keep myself occupied, I have spent much time on Pinterest.  Who hasn't??  Many pictures in my Pinterest of the farmhouse I want to build.  If you're on Pinterest, let me know so I can find you if I haven't already.

Gotta go throw a few things into a box now...


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Sea Witch said...

I so can relate. I have made 17 "major" moves in a 29 year marriage to the DOD. I loved every one of them. It is always exciting to enter new spaces and I hope you enjoy your new digs and experiences. Sea Witch