Friday, November 10, 2006

IDEA #10
Today think about your front porch. There are many ways that you can make your front porch, door or entry more welcoming. First, go outside and look at your door as a visitor would. Do you need to sweep leaves off the porch, knock down spider webs from the corners, or clean the glass in your door? After you have cleaned it up, then consider buying or making one or more of the following decorations. Or maybe this list will spark some creative ideas of your own.

  • A fall WREATH or SWAG to hang on your door (I made a diamond-shaped swag this year for my door - the basic shape is made from two different silk green bushes that I cut into individual stems, then I wired FALL picks of leaves and fruit to the center - AFTER Thanksgiving I will remove the fall picks, and wire CHRISTMAS picks of berries, etc to the center - AFTER Christmas, I will remove the Christmas picks, and wire blue and white "berry" picks to the center for a winter look, and then I can either change it for spring, or make something new
  • Pumpkins of different sizes and colors
  • Pots of different sizes with mums of different colors, either real or silk (you can usually pick up mums inexpensively at grocery or home improvement stores)
  • A fall or Thanksgiving flag
  • Garden statues are fun to add to your porch or flower beds and there are so many options out there - animals, little children, old world architectural shapes, bird baths - and you can find options in stone, concrete, metal - the options are endless
  • If you have a large, covered front porch you could place benches or chairs and a small table or two, and decorate the table as you would inside your house - just use items that are able to withstand the weather

Go online to sites like to get ideas for making your front porch welcoming to your family and friends. If you can create an entry that makes you smile, it will also be an entry that will make your family and friends smile.

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