Sunday, November 05, 2006

Today do a little planning. The Sunday paper always has a lot of ads. Look through all those store flyers and see what is on sale. Maybe you will spot something that is on sale this week that you would love to add to your decorations. If you find something, set aside a time this week that you can swing by and pick it up. If you do not get the Sunday paper, you could go online to craft/home decor stores like or to get ideas and to see what they have on sale. And you could go online to your favorite department store to see what they have on sale. If you like to make decorations yourself, you can find something you like, and go buy the necessary items to make it yourself.

It is always fun to have one new decoration that you absolutely love! Enjoy browsing the ads. Look at wreaths, table centerpieces, candles, candle arrangements, wall decor, vases or bowls filled with fall fruits, fall leaves and picks with fruit or pinecones, etc. There is so much to choose from!

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