Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today we are going to plan placecards for Thanksgiving Dinner. If you are not having company, this is still a great idea. A placecard at each person's place will be fun, and make everyone feel special. Your placecards can be as simple as a small card cut from cardstock with each person's name written in your best handwriting, or a pretty script printed from your computer, or you can make something more elaborate. Below is a list of ideas to get your thoughts going.

  • A very small potted plant, with a card tucked inside
  • Buy tiny frames and write each person's name on pretty paper in the frame
  • Attach a namecard with ribbon to a Christmas ornament that each person can keep
  • Tie a ribbon around the napkin, thread the ribbon through a hole punched in the namecard
  • Fill small bags with candy or chocolates and tie a namecard onto the bag
  • Make a wire shape of everyone's first initial and string beads onto the shape, crimping the ends of the wire so beads will stay on
  • Buy a small, inexpensive present that will fit each person's interests or personality, and then let everyone try to figure out which present belongs to them

Maybe these ideas will help you think of your own creative way to decorate your Thanksgiving table with placecards. Make your plans today, and we will shop for and create these during the next few days.

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