Friday, August 22, 2008

Thrift Store Bling

Well, we finished our first week back at school. I am very happy because my son likes all of his books. Math is going great, and he really likes the Bible, history and science we are doing this year. Our co-op classes start the first week of September. So. . . a great start to our year (in spite of my last post!)

Late this afternoon when we were done with school I decided to run to the thrift store close to my house. And I went at just the right time! They had two big plastic boxes sitting by the register, full of old jewelry they had just gotten in. So I dug through it all, and found some great pieces. The picture above is just SOME of what I bought! Right time, right place!!! Yahoooo. This will all go in my stash of goodies to use for some future Etsy store items!


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