Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Being So Irresponsible
We homeschool. And today is our first day of school. I am off to a bad start. I slept late today - like, really, really late. Why? Because I was up till 1:30. Reading blogs. And then when I did get up, did I get ready quickly and collect books and my son and get started? No. I ran to the coffee pot and then to my computer. I have been anxiously awaiting today. Because the Nester posted her list of everyone that is participating in her Mistreatment Party. And I can't wait to go through this whole list and see everyone's ideas. Beause this is what all my windows look like. I do not have ANY treatments on ANY windows.
When we moved in - 2 years ago - all the windows had these wood blinds. I like them, but I do want to do something to soften them. I have not even tried, because I just thought it would be too expensive. But with the Nester's ideas, and now the list she has up of all of your ideas, I am hoping that sometime in the not-so-distant future I can mistreat my windows!
Oh, by the way, I have now gotten my son started on school for the day. He is the only one I have left to homeschool. My daughters are both already in college - one is a Sophomore, one is half way through her Junior Year. (How is that possible? Can I really be that old?)
Be sure to visit the Nester's blog and check out the list of mistreatments!

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