Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pink Pumpkins and Silver Trappings
Well, I finally have time to further explain my last post. My blog has been called Treasures From Home. I named it that because my eBay store is called Treasures From Home. But then one day recently I thought of the name Silver Trappings. Because I love silver. Actually it has become an addiction. Or maybe a disease. It started one day in Goodwill. I saw a set of three silver pine cones. Silver Pine Cones! They were gorgeous. I snapped them up! They were only $1 each. And thus began my addiction.
So now every time I go into a thrift store, or to an estate sale or garage sale, or shop on eBay, I head straight to anything silver I spot.

Recently I decided that I wanted to open an Etsy store. Actually I had never even heard of Etsy until I started reading all of your blogs last spring. Etsy has such a friendly, fun atmosphere to it. I do still love eBay, and will continue to drop-ship the pewter and pewter-accented glassware that I have on eBay. But Etsy, with all of its hand-crafted and vintage stuff is so fun. And that will give me an outlet for some of my vintage finds and for some hand-crafted items that I make. And I am thinking that a lot of what I offer on Etsy will be silver, or at least have something silver on it. Or as a part of it. Or an accent on it. (Well, too many ideas swirling in my head - this all makes sense to me at least. And someday will be translated into my creations.)

Soooo. . . . that is where I came up with the name Silver Trappings. For my Etsy Store. I did actually open my Etsy store this month and have listed two items, but lots more is coming soon. I named it Silver Trappings. I like that name a whole lot more than Treasures From Home, so I decided to change my blog to Silver Trappings. Yes, I know that my blog address is different from my blog name, and my Etsy store name, and my eBay store name. It makes me crazy. I strive for some consistency in life. But now I am stuck with three names for my online life. And I don't see any way around it. My eBay store can't be changed. My Etsy store can't be changed. I changed my blog name. But I can't change it's address. Because then, you know, all the dozens and dozens of readers that I have won't be able to find me. So I am trying not to obsess about this inconsistency in my online life. Hey, it makes me look unique and diverse. Right? Right. So now, here, I am Silver Trappings.

So what does "Pink Pumpkins" have to do with all of that? Nothing, but here is an event in blogland that you need to know about! It starts this week on September 4. Go to Life at Rose Cottage to sign up. You can get there from the pink pumpkin below! Everyone go enter! I am, and I want to see some more ideas. (And, yes, my pumpkin does have silver on it!)



mysongwithin said...

I have had the privilege of seeing the pumpkin that you are entering in the Pink Pumpkin event, and it is stunning! Never has there been such a well dressed, be-jeweled pumpkin in the history of pumpkinville.

Have fun!

sweetpea said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for adding me to your favs! Very lovely pumpkin by the way!