Monday, September 29, 2008

I Won! I Won!

At 9:30 this morning I sat down at my computer to check all the blogs that I follow. My feeds appear in alphabetical order, so the first blog that showed a new post was A Thing for Roses. I clicked through to her blog, started reading, and just stopped, amazed, when I saw "Shannon of Silver Trappings" in the first sentence. "Shannon of Silver Trappings?" Is that me????? Is there another Shannon of Silver Trappings???? After staring at that for several seconds, I finally read the whole post.

I Won! I Won!

It said that I had won her giveaway! I have never won a giveaway. Well, I had to make sure she actually meant me, so I scrolled down a couple of posts to the one where she was announcing this giveaway. And, yes, I actually clicked on the comments to that post, you know, to make sure that I HAD actually entered her giveaway. There I was. My comment and my picture.

So by now I was really excited. I went to her comments to say thanks, started writing. Wait. It's only 9:30. What if she only posted this 3 minutes ago? And I am already acknowledging. Will she think I am stalking her? Will I appear too anxious? Will she think I was just sitting on her blog all morning waiting to see if I had won?

Soooooo . . . I actually erased my comment. And opened another browser window and read all of the other blogs that I follow. Now it's 10:20. Oops. I am still in pajamas. So I got dressed, ate some toast.

And now I am writing this post. Now it's 11:10. Almost 2 hours after I made my discovery! I think an appropriate amount of time has gone by, don't you? After I publish this post, I will go back to A Thing for Roses and tell her that I am so excited, and THANKS!

Must maintain proper manners, you know.




Beth Leintz said...

Oh how funny- I know what you mean about leaving the first comment right after someone post a new entry- I wonder if I look like a stalker, too- or like I just don't have anything better to do that keep checking back to blogs that i've entered contests!

A Thing for Roses said...

You are too cute! So silly. Of course I would never think you are a blog stalker or anything. I am just working on getting your package ready to mail. I hope you like the extra goodies I am sending along. So glad you are excited about winning my giveaway!



trash talk said...

Could you show a little more enthusiasm-a person might think you just don't care. Just kidding. Deb

Heidi Ann said...

You are too funny! Congratulations on your win! I must admit I am envious....

Jayne said...

I can't wait to learn what you won! And, stalking might be a little strong, but maybe not.....hmmm....