Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Part 4 - Mary Carol Garrity's Kitchen
Welcome to Part 4 of Mary Carol Garrity's open house. She is about to do a photo shoot for her next Christmas book, so her house is already decorated for Christmas. So, for today, here is her kitchen - -
Her little kitchen table is above. Simple and cheerful and Christmasy. And the chandelier below is hanging over this table. I love this chandelier. And I love the greenery she has on it. This would be very easy to do to any chandelier. I always just ignore my light above my table. But I think this year I may be inspired to change that.One wall beside the kitchen table is floor to ceiling built-ins for her china and silver serving pieces. I LOVE these glass doors full of silver. This tiered server looks so pretty. You could get this look with a tiered tray - or you could stack pedestal cake servers to get a similar look. Think how cute this would be on a coffee bar or dessert bar for a holiday party!The pictures below are a wonderful island in her kitchen. Notice the beautiful silver and glassware displayed on her island. (If I had an island in my kitchen, I think it would be a paper magnet for all the mail, various papers, sacks, litter and debris that accumulate as five people pass through and dump. Please tell me that I am not alone!)
Now to the wall that her stove is on. This whole wall is to die for. The stove is incredible. I love the hooks above it to hang a few pretty utensils from. (And I think I could keep this stove looking this pretty since cooking is something I try to avoid whenever possible!)Another pretty tiered tray!And I love these creamware pitchers full of her silver flatware. I am going to be on the look-out for some creamware on my thrift store and flea market expeditions! I have some silver trays that I can use. Isn't this just a beautiful look?Well, thanks for stopping by for another look at my hero's house! Come back tomorrow, because I have more to share!



Jayne said...

I think post #4 is my favorite yet! I love all the teired trays and I love the kitchen island. Does anyone else have an island that even resembles hers?
Thanks for sharing all these great pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful home . Thanks to you I feel like I am on the tour, without the cold, wind and wait. Looking forward to more photos.