Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown

This was dinner tonight- -

Toast, Popcorn, Jelly Beans, Pretzels
Pink Ice Cream with Cool Whip

We ate ours at our dinner table with all the silver trappings. Charlie Brown served his on the ping pong table in the backyard.

Do you recognize this menu?

Watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving tomorrow - this is exactly what he and Snoopy served to Peppermint Pattie and the gang!

We watched the show while we ate our dinner.

My husband's comment? Actually very sweet - he grinned and said it was very creative. We all laughed a lot and had a very fun dinner together. (I did hide a piece of chicken under the toast to help fill everyone up.)

My kids asked me if I got this idea from a blog. My answer - - "Of course!"

Thank you to all my friends that live in my computer for all of your wonderful, creative ideas!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Jayne said...

What a lovely setting for a very unusual menu! I love it and laughed out loud - a stroke of genius to hide a piece of chicken under the toast!
A new tradition is born for the Silver Trappings family!
Thanksgiving blessings!

Mo said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

This is the best dinner I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

M ^..^ (Your banner rocks!)

Ali said...

Oh my goodness!! I planned the very same thing and you have gone and done it. I really am happy that someone else loves CBTS as much as I! I even took the pictures and everything but everyone else wanted "real food" so I had to cook. I am coming to your house next year to watch :)