Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Bonne Volonte Day
Today was a good day to stop at Bonne Volonte!
I think Francesca is going to wear some of these jewels to Talking Trash's blog party on Friday! Her favorite thing to wear is jewelry. Lots of it!
This little silver puffy heart opens. It's really cute. Oh, Oh, Oh!!! I know what this heart is going to be! It's going to be Francesca's purse for the blog party! Come back Friday and see!!

Be sure to come back Friday! And go to Talking Trash on Friday for the big blog party!


trash talk said...

I'm loving that big turquoise bracelet. Did you get that at B.V.?
Friday ought to be a hoot with the parade of beauties we'll be showing. Thanks for the shout out. Your name just went kerplunk for an additional chance in the bucket. Debbie

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Yes, all the jewelry, the silver bowl, and the puffy heart. Plus a few other things! All from B.V.


Rose Haven said...

I LOVE that crown I see!!


Jayne said...

Way to go at B.V.! Very impressive haul! Francesca is better dressed than most of my family and friends. I'll be sure to stop by talking trash's blog party tomorrow! Y'all have fun!