Sunday, February 08, 2009

Could this be a new addiction?

I made my very first tag tonight. Y'all all make such cute tags, and I have been intending to try one for quite awhile. Well, now that I have finally made one, and see how fun it is, I can imagine that this could become a new way to waste time, I mean use my time creatively.
Emily is posting a new question on her blog every Monday for the whole year. Her challenge is to make an art journal using these questions. It sounds fun, so I bought tags at the office supply store. I am going to make a tag for each question. I figured that I might actually do this if I kept it small.
This first tag will be my cover. I have to make about five tags to get caught up. But I can do that pretty quickly. And I can attach them all with one of those loose binder rings.
At the end of the year I should have a fun little tag book to look back on how my year went. The two pictures below are the back of the tag.

If this sounds fun to you, check out her blog. Thanks for the visit.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Shannon...could you please stop by my blog soon??????
Oh, first tag?...IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Jayne said...

OK. I may have to make a tag and see what happens! I love yours!