Saturday, February 28, 2009

Take your husband shopping at Home Depot!
Men love this store. What's more important - they love buying things at this store!

We went in yesterday to pick up some FREE little paint chips, so we could decide on a color to paint our bathroom.

We came out with two WONDERFUL chandeliers for our kitchen. The one above is hanging over the main working area of the kitchen. LOVE it!

The beaded chandelier below is hanging over my kitchen table. LOVE it!

What's important to remember here - if I had gone in by myself, I would have looked at these wonderful lights. But I would have drooled, and then left with my free little paint chips.

But with hubby with me, and both of us drooling (ok, maybe he didn't drool, but he did like them), we left with our free little paint chips AND our wonderful chandeliers!

Warning: if you are offended by ugly light fixtures, please do not scroll down any further!

Because the next photo is a picture of the light fixtures that were in our kitchen when we bought this house.

And they are BAD!

The WORST ever made!


So, look at your own risk.

See? I told you! Scroll back up and look at the new ones again. I don't want you to leave my blog while you are gagging. I want you to come back!

Please. Scroll back up!



Jayne said...

What a great shopping trip that turned out to be! I love the new lighting fixtures! They are perfect. (I hope you kept the old ones to rehang when/if you ever move - you definitely want to take these new ones with you!)


Linda said...

Wow, how fun, love both the new lights!! And I agree worst ever, no offense on the old ones, we use to have one "just like that" in our kitchen and over in the corner supposedly for a table but so far over that a table would be in the corner. It was one of the first things to go in that room!!!
Enjoy your new pretties!
I love lighting fixtures.

trash talk said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all your sweet comments and prayers. You're the best.

Loving the new move taking hubby! Keep the old ones and put lampshades on them. I love that look. You could hang them on either side of a bed and cover the cords with linen. Just a thought.