Monday, October 19, 2009

Guest Post On Decorating

My name is Peter. I’m a freshman in high school. I’ve been homeschooled all my life. I’m writing a guest post on my mom’s blog. I take a few classes a year in a homeschool co-op and one of them is writing composition. I have to write a ‘human interest story’ for my assignment. So I have decided to write a guest post about ways my mom likes to make her house beautiful. I figured since her blog is about decorating, I should go into decorating here.

My mom loves to decorate. Especially at Christmas time. That’s her favorite time of the year. She starts listening to Christmas music in September! Sometimes even earlier than that! There are lots of things my mom decorates with that are beautiful. Like her three-tiered tray that she sets on a small old table, which she has currently decorated for fall.

My mom loves to stain furniture to a dark brown color and she likes to put old books, keys, jewelry and so forth on the furniture. One of her oddest decorations is the feather trees that she puts around the house. My family always teases her about her weird feather trees.
My mom also loves to decorate her dress form which I call a ‘crash dummy.’ She writes posts and takes picture after picture after picture about her dress form! I just think to myself, “What is so interesting about a limbless, body-shaped crash dummy that you can put clothes on?”

She gets various ideas from decorating shows, decorating magazines, other blogs and so on for new ideas to decorate with. Some of her ideas I think are plain weird, but they always turn out good in the end. Even if I do think they’re weird.

Well, writing this post was a lot easier than I thought because I didn’t have to worry about formal writing rules, such as sentence fragments or run-on sentences. Writing conversationally is a lot easier than the paper I now have to write about blogging for my co-op teacher. Who, I might add, is a groovy teacher.



trash talk said...

Francesca is not...I repeat, not...a crash dummy. She is a lovely lady who brings your mother hours of fun!
Great post!!!

Jayne said...

Peter, you are the best! When do you plan to set up your own blog! You could write endlessly about your computer/game addiction and how you win over your dad and other high-ranking military officers!
Wonderful blog!
And trash talk is correct: Francesca is NOT a "crash dummy." She is your headless, full-time house guest/relative and your mom's therapist.
Love you, G

Alexandra said...

HAHA the part that made me laugh the most was "a groovy teacher." That was hilarious.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Peter did a great job writing his post. I really enjoyed getting to see your decorating through your son's eyes. Well done!!!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

I have two of those silver pheasants and have not seen them elsewhere before. I'll have to get them cleaned up and in my hollowware Blog!