Monday, October 19, 2009

Procrastinator Party - The Reveal

This is my new favorite thing in our house!
But I am not sure that you will think my Procrastinator's Project was completely successful. It has some issues. And it underwent some changes-of-plans. I started out with the plan to paint and hang four different large frames in four different rooms - each with it's own design plan. Well, two of them did not work out quite like I envisioned. So I have not hung them where I had originally planned to. I have to do some more thinking about them.

BUT last Friday I just suddenly decided that I HAD to paint our bathroom so that I could do this wall with one of the large frames. I have had this plan in my mind for awhile. But my bathroom has been painted in a lovely Kilz-Primer-over-ugly-70's-blue-striped-wallpaper for a very long time. I couldn't very well hang all of this pretty stuff on that Kilz primered wallpaper! So Friday I bought paint and painted (most of) my bathroom so that I could assemble this wall. All of this came from Goodwill - I mean, Bonne Volonte - or estate or garage sales. I paid $6 for the large frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby, $1 for the round frame and $1.49 for the rectangle frame at Bonne Volonte, $1 for the pair of silhouettes, and all the necklaces were $1.49 or less at Bonne Volonte or garage sales. I did buy the hooks new at Hobby Lobby. But they were not much.

I even hung all of this by myself. (I know - So what?) But in the past I have always gotten my hubby to help if I had much to hang, especially if I had to screw something into the wall. I don't know why. But this time I hung it all, and even screwed the hooks to the wall myself. And it's all straight!

Oh, yes. I am woman! Hear me roar!

Ok, now that I have shown you the pretty part, I have to confess. I did not finish my bathroom. I could have finished the ceiling, but I ran out of steam. And I knew that I could not paint around the tub, because my hubby has to finish floating out and sanding the new sheetrock here. Soooo, this is what part of it looks like. I know. Pathetic. But now that I have gotten this far, it will inspire hubby to finish around the tub, and then I will finish the paint. AND then I will get the black toile shower curtain that I want! I will show you when all of that is finished.
So, do you see why I say that my project was not entirely successful? But I have a good start on my bathroom, which otherwise would still be really ugly all over!

The frames below are what I had planned on painting for my project. Only one is up on the wall.

But I did get these two painted - so now I just have to decide what to do with them. So, even though I did not do exactly what I had planned, I did get a good start on my bathroom. So I am still happy. And without the push from Melissa at The Inspired Room and her Procrastinator's Party, I would not have even started any of this. So, many thanks to you, Melissa!

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a fun wall! I love those hooks you used, very clever!!

Great job, thanks so much for linking up and sharing in the party!!!

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Shannon!
What fun .... so glad I found you today. I am so right there with the Kilz primed over wallpaper (although our bathroom is painted just fine ... we have had NO molding along the floor for TWO YEARS ... kinda makes sweeping up easier ... just sweep into the cracks, lol!)
Lovin' your Christmas spirit ... swing by and see my dreaming of a pink christmas a few days ago ...
Hugs and "silver bells" to you!
Betty :)

Jayne said...

What a great wall! I can't wait to see it in person; and the whole bathroom makeover has moved many steps forward!

I love how you use big frames. I must try that. Do you think a really big frame could do something to create a "headboard"?

Happy Day to you!
Jayne at mysongwithin

Tamera said...

Love the use of those frames! This may have sparked an idea for a wall in my home!!

Thanks for sharing!


Gail said...

Congratulations and love the use of the big frame.


Elaine said...

Nicely done, layering the frames looks so good. You're not the only one that didn't quite finish all they started out to do, I have a few unfinished things myself, but at least we're heading in the right direction!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I think you did a fabulous job, who care if you didn't get "everything" done! :)
The wall looks fabulous, I love the paint color you chose.

rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

nothing like a little project to get you started on a BIG one, right? it looks great so far- your frames & hooks are lovely!
happy tuesday,

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a fun project! I love the hooks for holding jewelry.

cherry said...

This looks like a fun project !
love those hooks .. great job and I have to say congrat's on screwing and hanging all by yourself. I get hubby to do that stuff
hugs, Cherry

rita said...

The frames are a huge success. The rest of your project can wait for your second wind! Great job.

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

I love your jewelery organizer center- the use of the frames and hooks is so clever!

Hey you have part of your bathroom painted- that's a start!!


Astrid said...

I love that wall with hooks and frames! Very pretty jewelry storage.

Good luck finishing the bathroom! I know what a chore that can be!

"m" said...

You've got a very pretty start to your room, and I'm sure it will inspire you to complete the project. I look forward to seeing the rest!