Thursday, October 01, 2009

An All Natural Christmas

I just bought the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication called Christmas Ideas. It has a lot of great stuff in it. But these pages just took my breath away!

Natural materials are added to the home's regular decor. The collections of old books and creamware on the mantel take on a whole new level with all of the nature-y items added. Lots of pinecones and feathers in the "wreath" above the mantel, and on the garland that is hanging from the mantel. I LOVE that garland!!! Little pinecone topiary trees, pomander balls, rust colored bows, a sprinkling of snow.

I think this might be my ALL-TIME favorite mantel. It. is. PERFECT! (Well, minus the deer head.)

I am thinking about doing my fall mantel similar to this. Then I can do a little changing around after Thanksgiving - like adding my stocking holders (which are cast iron fleur de lis shapes - so they would go great with this look) and stockings. Then I can have this look from now through the end of the year!

These pictures came from the magazine shown below. It's got some other good stuff in it, too.

I can't find my box of fall decorations. I think it is buried way, way back behind all my Christmas boxes. I think today I will have to empty that storage closet and unearth my fall and Christmas greenery. I will show you my mantel when I get it done. Soon. Not today. I don't know when. But soon.


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