Thursday, January 29, 2009

Correction: Francesca's Favorite Store is Bonne Volonte!

Many thanks to Debbie at Talking Trash!!! She was kind enough to give me the French translation for Good Will. I like the sound of Bonne Volonte a lot more than Goodwill. Don't you?

So, tomorrow I think I will go shopping at Bonne Volonte. Maybe I will find some new jewelry for Francesca.

Wanna come with me?



trash talk said...

Let's just hope I'm right on the translation. If I'm not, you'll hear about it. But doesn't it sound like somewhere we would all like to go shopping at? Very cool!!! Debbie

Linda said...

Or Bon Vouloir according to my French English Dict.
French always makes things sound better!
Sounds like some fun shopping to me!
I think I am ready for one of those trips soon, been in the house to much when I had the flu!

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Can you help me with the pronounciation! I certainly wouldn't want to sound like a red-neck be it as it may!!!