Monday, January 26, 2009

Do You Still Have Christmas Up????

I must admit that I do. However, most of it is intentional. The Dickens street lamp below was a Christmas gift this year from my sister. It is so cool that I couldn't bear to put it away. So I think it will live right here on my piano all year round.

This next bit of Christmas should have been put away. But when I filled this planter with Christmas greenery this year, I threw away the P.O.O.P.I.E. plants that were in it. So when I take this Christmas greenery out, I do not have anything to replace it. I guess until I can buy some non-P.O.O.P.I.E. greenery and feathers, this will have to remain Christmas-y.
My Christmas village is now my winter village. Because, you know, I can call it anything I want to. It takes so long to set up, I always leave it up until sometime in February (maybe March if I am lazy.)
I added this firehouse to the town the Christmas after 9/11.
This music store is where my daughter (the college sophomore music major) works. (You see, we live in this little Christmas village.)
This is Lord's Chapel (for you Mitford readers) - we go to church here.
This beautiful Victorian house on the edge of town is where my family lives.
This is our backyard - the woods with all the wildlife. The wildlife are all my other daughter's pets (the college senior biology major).
This little cottage with the blue roof is where my mom lives. Inside it is decorated red, white and blue patriotic.
And my sister's family lives in this next house, just down the road from us.
Yes, there are still Christmas decorations in the winter village. But, you know, the village residents just love Christmas soooo much that they leave their decorations up all year round.
There are two more little winter villages close by. With tiny little houses. And tiny little people.

Do you still have any Christmas, I mean winter, decorations up????


Shellie said...

As a matter of fact I do still have some Christmas up - but not so pretty as yours. Mine consists of 2 full size, un-decorated trees, some random greenery and candle snow globes on my front porch. However, I noticed when looking at my house in your village pictures (I am your sister, you see) that the snow globes don't even show so I shall not worry with them anytime soon!! Thanks for your wonderful post!! It made me smile tonight!!
Love you,
Shellie, the sister in the lovely Victorian house!!

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Shellie, loved your comment. It had me laughing out loud! I went back and looked at your house and I do not see the candle snow globes either. But did you see your daughter in the front yard decorating a snowman?


Shabby Addict said...

HAha I LOVE that you still have Christmas up! That is awesome! I kind of wish I would have kept mine up longer!

trash talk said...

Oh there is still some Christmas not put away. Right now a 3' Rudolph is keeping me company in my office. I know how much time it takes to set up a village so I wouldn't be in any rush to take it down. There's snow in some areas right up till spring! I didn't even get to the village this year...too hard! Debbie

Denise Elizabeth -HopeTreeStudio- said...

I'm working on valentines day. Thanks for the visit to thevintagejournal. Denise

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

I have been away from home unexpectedly for an additional week then came home to having guests arrive 2 hours after I got back plus a dinner party this Sunday so am just now packing everything away!!! It does look sad and less cheery with all the sparklies gone till next year!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too have Christmas up. I did take down the tree in the front window because it blocked my view, but the rest of the house, family room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms are still up. I don't know if I am being lazy, or if I just can't stand to be without that burst of color. Because of popular demand, my guest room which I turned into a Christmas lodge room will stay up for a long while. It's too cozy not to leave up, but will I feel that way when the temperature hits 100 degrees.....

I love your Winter idea, I used the excuse that my family always left things up till my sisters birthday which was January 7th, but now I am out of excuses - to make matters worse, I just threw in a couple of hearts in with the red mantle and called it Valentines day. Maybe they will all just become the everything holiday decorations and I'll leave up till next Christmas and just say I got it up early.

Thanks for the smiles.