Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Must Be a Computer Moron!
I am planning to go to a gift market this weekend. I want to look for some things for my new business venture. That I am hoping to launch in April. Which I am very excited about.

Of course, this depends on whether Hobby Lobby will allow me to be off on Saturday. I have asked three times. He just always says, "Let me look at it." Which is typical. It is almost impossible to get a simple, direct answer. But that is another matter.

So. I will need business cards for this market. I tried to use Microsoft Publisher's business card templates. The pre-set templates they have are not easy to use. You have to ONLY use the text boxes that they have set up. And the tiny logo box they have set up. And every template has a box for ONLY extra large font for your "organization" name - which would have to be very short because it WILL NOT let you change the font size for that one text box. I did manage to change the font type and size in the other boxes. But not that box.

Which meant that I had to just leave that box blank. And have a tiny logo right above it. With this BIG BLANK space below it.

All out of proportion. WHY!!!!!!

And in their blank templates????? I did manage to add a logo. I WANT a fleur de lis. But text? NO. In their blank template I could NEVER figure out how to type letters!!!! I clicked and clicked and clicked. I could not type ANYTHING.

So my choices - a card with a tiny fleur de lis and a BIG BLANK space, or a card with a large fleur de lis and NOTHING ELSE AT ALL.

So I asked hubby for help. I said I just wanted something quick. That looked decent. That had the necessary information.

He used Word. Found a template. Typed in the required info. I wanted it to say Treasures From Home dba Silver Trappings. My tax number is for Treasures From Home, but I want to launch this new business venture as Silver Trappings. But this template would not allow that many lines. This template already had a little flower at the top, and he could not figure out quickly how to change it to my fleur de lis.

But by now I didn't care. Flower. Fleur de lis. WHATEVER. Just make something print.


Now I just have to cut them apart. I am a scrapbooker. I CAN DO THIS!!!




trash talk said...

Sure you can-I have faith. Just don't run with the scissors or do you use one of those fancy schmancy cutters like my daughter uses? Debbie

Alexandra said...

HA that was great. I'm glad I could witness it. Hilaarious.
LOL and to the comment above...I like running with scissors...it makes me feel dangerous. :D Heehee...just kidding! Hope you have fun!

Jayne said...

OK. I'm laughing out loud! Any Word program makes me want to scream; give me InDesign anytime! I think your cards are fine, however. After your new business venture makes you a million $$$$, you can hire someone to make your business cards!
Have fun in Texas (if you get to go).

White Iris Designs said...

Yes you can....Don't you just love it when something so easy.....is NOT!! Good luck with your new venture!

Beverly said...

Yes, you can do it! ;-)

I just popped in to see your Pink Saturday post. I hope you are having a great weekend, Shannon.

The Muse said...

I believe you can!

(by the way...I am in love with your blog header!)

Anonymous said...

Since you need the cards quickly, this won't work, but I suggest VistaPrint for business cards. They have free specials all the time, and you basically pay for shipping. (Go for the slowest one...it rarely takes that long!) They will then send you about an email every other day, but that doesn't bother me.