Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are hurtling toward Valentine's Day!

And I still have some of my Christmas decor up! How in the world did January disappear so fast? I am supposed to be losing 20 lbs by mid-March. So far I have only lost 8. And I can't tell. At all! Shouldn't 8 lbs at least make a tiny difference in the way my jeans fit?

I just listed some of these Valentine Gift Sets - two in my etsy store, and three in my ebay store. The links to my stores are over there ----------> or you can just click on the pictures.

I wonder if I should ask my hubby for a huge heart-shaped box of candy for Valentine's Day. That is what I want. Do you think it would hinder my diet? What if I ate the whole box in one sitting? Then I could just call it one bad meal, and resume my diet at the next meal. Does that work? No? Sigh.


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